Executive Summary

ExaGrid delivers better backups using the only hyper-converged secondary storage (HCSS) for backup with data deduplication purpose-built for all leading backup applications that leverages a unique architecture optimized for performance,and fast offsite tape copies. ExaGrid delivers the fastest backup performance for the shortest backup window and maintains a fixed length backup window as data grows by adding full appliances into a scale-out system.scalability and price. ExaGrid customers achieve the fastest backup times as data is written at the speed of disk and the most recent backups are stored in their complete undeduplicated form for fast restores, fast VM instant recoveries

  • ExaGrid makes backup better with:
    • Fast backup resulting in the shortest backup window
    • Fastest restores
    • Instant VM recoveries in seconds to minutes
    • Fastest offsite tape copies
    • A fixed length backup window as data grows, eliminating expensive future forklift upgrades
    • Fast, reliable, and up-to-date offsite disaster recovery
    • Linear scalability – scale-out
    • Low cost up front and over time as data grows
    • No forklift upgrades or product obsolescence

ExaGrid Basic Concept

ExaGrid appliances work seamlessly with industry-leading backup applications and database utilities by presenting themselves as standard NAS shares (CIFS or NFS), a Veeam Data Mover target, or Veritas OST target. ExaGrid appliances are easily integrated into existing backup environments, as illustrated below.

ExaGrid Technology Overview

ExaGrid for Veeam

ExaGrid Detailed product Description

ExaGrid Gemeente Haaksbergen Case Study